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Ecofer Srl

Ecofer S.r.l. was founded in the province of Brescia in 2005, placing itself on the domestic and foreign markets with proposals for a wide range of metal carpentry products that can satisfy various sectors such as residential and industrial construction.

It also pays special attention to the aesthetics of facades, namely cladding.

Specializing in locksmithing works, it is able to meet any kind of request, thanks to experience and deep knowledge of the market, materials and their processing.

It consists of a team of professionals and has divided its production into several sectors.

The company Ecofer S.r.l. possesses a dynamic and highly flexible structure.
In the field of carpentry production, it deals with:

Iron structures;

Facade coatings;

Window frames;




Industrial plants;

Carpentry for shredding machines;

Structures and linings for biomass plants;

Architecture and complementary elements for industrial supplies;